Tape Automation

Tributary SL8500 Tape Library

The StorageTek/Oracle SL8500 modular library system is available for the NonStop platform exclusively from Tributary Systems, Inc.  With its extreme scalability, support for mixed media and diverse operating environments, the SL8500 is ideal for the consolidation of many smaller libraries.

Tributary SL3000 Tape Library

The Tributary SL3000 tape library, integrated into the NonStop™ environment by Tributary, features an open design, which offers true mixed media, logical and physical partitioning capabilities, advanced management, and high availability features, so you can consolidate mainframe and open systems environments while minimizing power, space, and operating costs.

Tributary XLS Tape Library

The Tributary XLS Enterprise Library System’s modular design delivers high levels of storage density and efficiency.

HP MRL50 Mid-Range Tape Library

The MRL50 Mid-Range Tape Library is available for HP S-series or Integrity NonStop™ servers. The library, which is integrated by Tributary Systems, Inc. and sold exclusively through the HP sales organization, is the most scalable, rackmount, tape automation solution in the market today.