When tape backup just isn’t enough, virtualization can be the solution. Tributary’s Storage Director® and ViTAL® virtual tape libraries (VTL) can exceed many tape backup requirements for speed, capacity, compatibility, reliability, and more.

About Virtualization

Backup virtualization is similar to server virtualization in that it places a layer of abstraction between two components of technology. In server virtualization, the abstraction is between the server hardware and the operating system. With backup virtualization, the abstraction is between the backup application (or server) and the backup or archive devices that the server reads and writes data to.

Like server virtualization, backup virtualization is typically open in nature, supporting almost any application as a source and almost any device as a target. In comparison, a VTL is typically a ‘sealed’ system, essentially a disk array with software intelligence to make the disk act like a tape library. Using disks instead of tapes delivers a marked increase in performance of both the backup and recovery of data.