Cloud Object Storage Solution


Data Center

Tributary's Integrated Cloud Object Storage Solution

Redefines availability, security and economics of data storage.

For enterprise data backup and archive environments, Storage Director presents a virtualized target, ingests data from the backup application and based on different policies for different pools of data, archives them on IBM Cloud Object Storage.

• Storage Director (SD) has rapid ingestion capabilities with caching

• SD will present a native target to Spectrum Protect or any other backup application

• SD will ingest data from Spectrum Protect, Commvault, NetBackup or Veeam at up to 10.4 GB per second (or 37.4TB an hour)  and restore at speeds up to 9.6GB per second (or 34.6 TB   per hour) per node with IBM flashsystem as its cache

• Backup data will then be streamed to IBM cloud Object Storage post process for archive based on pool policies set up by Storage Director for different data pools