ANTARES is a low cost, self-contained 3U backup storage appliance for IBM®, HP, Oracle®/Sun and open computing platforms running Windows®, Linux®, i/OS and UNIX® operating systems. ANTARES is compatible with NetBackup, Simpana, TSM, BRMS and other backup applications. ANTARES is architected and built on the proven Storage Director® backup virtualization platform to satisfy the most demanding operational backup and archival requirements for lights-out and multi-platform enterprise computing environments.


  • Ability to attach to existing customer dedupe appliances
  • Provides fully automated backup and restore operations
  • Integrated alerting and messaging capabilities for industry leading reports, analysis, and capacity planning
  • Data-at-rest compression/encryption on both disk cache and physical tape media
  • Transparent remote backup and restore features to satisfy off-site archival requirements
  • Enables alternate site disaster recovery schemes
  • User defined policies allow flexible tape and data migration strategies
  • Supports tape library distribution and consolidation, or elimination of tape altogether
  • Supports LTO 5 technology
  • All-in-one 3U appliance
  • Lowest cost backup enterprise storage solution today
Virtual Slot Capacity per     Up to 30,000
Virtual Drive Capacity per     Up to 50
Virtual Libraries     Up to 100

Server Node

Interfaces     Four 4 Gbps FC front-end ports
      Four 4 Gbps FC back-end ports
      1 Gbps Ethernet for iSCSI
      1 Gbps Ethernet for management
      AES 256 Encryption
Storage Capacity (usable)     RAID 6 with hot spare
      ANTARES 900: 9 TB
      ANTARES 2100: 21 TB
      ANTARES 3000: 30 TB
Performance     4 TB / hour per node
Emulations     IBM 3584, HP E-Series, STK L700, ACSLS, proprietary
      LTO-1, LTO-3, LTO-4, 3592, 9940, T10000, N1525
Physical Specs     Height: 5.2” (132mm) (rack mount 3U)
      Width: 17.2” (437mm)
      Depth: 25.5” (648mm)
      Weight: 72 lbs.
Operating Environment     Temperature: 10-35 C (60-95 F)
      Humidity: 8-90% non-condensing
Power     Redundant 1200W high-efficiency power supplies
      1000W Output @ 100-140V, 11.5-8A, 50-60Hz
      1200W Output @ 180-240V, 8-5.5A, 50-60Hz