StoreOnce Virtual Media Manager (SOVMM)

StoreOnce Virtual Media Manager is an advanced media manager software-only solution for connection to and manageability of all fibre channel versions of HP Storage StoreOnce Backup Systems. SOVMM runs on all NonStop Integrity and Blades servers running NonStop RVUs J06.12/H06.23 and later. SOVMM is the result of enhancements to the time proven Library Media Manager/Silo Media Manager/Entry Level Media Manager products that Tributary Systems has been marketing for 14 years.


Key Features of SOVMM include:

  • SOVMM resides on the NonStop host only, providing direct FC connection to the StoreOnce device – no additional hardware required
  • Supports multiple StoreOnce devices with (for all practical purposes) an unlimited number of virtual cartridges on a single SOVMM license
  • Supported on all FC connected 42xx, 43xx, 44xx and B6200 models of HP StoreOnce – no modifications to the StoreOnce hardware required
  • All features of HP StoreOnce, including replication and data de-duplication, are fully supported by SOVMM
  • SOVMM includes automatic tape labeling and advanced backup scheduling features
  • All data written to the HP StoreOnce device are in NonStop tape format
  • Supports NonStop IOAME/VIO/CLIM FC attachment
  • Supported on all NonStop RVUs J06.12/H06.23 and later
  • SOVMM has an intuitive easy to use GUI that runs on most customer Windows based workstations