A high availability storage consolidation solution for the HP NonStop™ platform

ViTAL® is a state-of-the-art backup storage virtualization solution for the HP NonStop™/Tandem platform. ViTAL is architected and built to satisfy the most demanding operational backup and archival requirements.

  • Ability to connect to existing customer SANs
  • Improved site-to-site replication to maximize throughput
  • LTO 5 back-end tape drive support
  • Fully automated operation of both virtual front-end and physical back-end devices
  • Transparent remote backup and restore for off-site requirements and disaster recovery
  • Ability to eliminate tape or consolidate tape libraries and drives to lower cost
  • User defined policies direct data migration to any number of back-end devices  
  • Compression and AES encryption of data at rest and during migration  
  • Industry leading reports, monitoring and alerting for lights-out operations
  • Low cost appliance models and customized configurations for specific customer needs

Virtual Integrated Tape and Library (ViTAL) from Tributary Systems, Inc. is now in its third generation. It offers a state-of-the-art backup storage consolidation platform which can handle requirements from even the most complex environments. ViTAL implements a wide variety of data protection schemes and tape library consolidation, thus eliminating the need to dedicate devices for specific backup purposes.

Fully Automated Backup and Restore Operations

The technology within ViTAL brings a scalable, flexible, and high-throughput solution to backup and restore operations. Operations staff no longer needs to monitor data movement as ViTAL provides dynamic drive sharing, customer defined virtual tape policies, backup to local and remote sites, and a performance improvement over current backup methods.

Remote Site Backup and Disaster Recovery

Offsite data storage is often a prerequisite in satisfying complete data backup and security. This can be accomplished by writing data to physical tape and then storing the tapes in an offsite vault. A better and more cost effective approach is to configure ViTAL to electronically transfer encrypted data to and from a remote site. Since the data is readily available at the remote site, restoring using ViTAL at the remote site is an integral part in any disaster recovery plan.

Tape Library Distribution and Consolidation

Existing backup servers can utilize the multiple front-end virtual libraries presented by ViTAL. These backup servers view each connected front-end virtual library as dedicated to its needs. ViTAL, in turn, can consolidate these virtual libraries into one or more physical back-end devices – typically a tape library with drives. The result is a reduction in the number of tape libraries and drives needed as well as reduced maintenance costs.

Scalable and Expandable

As backup requirements change, so too can ViTAL. Additional virtual libraries, drives, and tapes are easily added through a client GUI. Additional disk cache enclosures can be introduced into the system and throughput performance and higher availability can be achieved through the multi-node architecture. ViTAL will meet the needs of today and protect your investment by meeting a different set of needs tomorrow.

Customized Configurations

ViTAL will meet the needs of large data center customers as well as small entry level customers. ViTAL is available as a low cost, self-contained 3U backup storage appliance in the following configurations: ANDROMEDA 900, ANDROMEDA 2100, and ANDROMEDA 3300. ANDROMEDA is architected and built on the proven ViTAL backup virtualization platform to satisfy the most demanding operational backup and archival requirements for lights-out and multi-platform enterprise computing environments. Backup sizes, throughput requirements, tape retention policies, availability requirements, as well as future growth rates will determine which model best fits a customer’s needs.

ViTAL at a Glance

Virtual Slot Capacity per Library   Up to 30,000
Virtual Tape Drive Capacity   Up to 50
Virtual Libraries   Up to 100
Virtual Cartridge Capacity   Up to 30 GB uncompressed per cartridge
Data Backup Rate   Up to 4 TB/hour/node

ViTAL Product Brochure