Disaster Recovery

Offsite data storage is often a prerequisite in satisfying complete data backup and security. This can be accomplished by writing data to physical tape and then storing the tapes in an offsite vault. A better and more cost effective approach is to configure Tributary’s storage appliance to electronically transfer encrypted data to and from a remote site. Since the data is readily available at the remote site, restoring using Tributary’s storage appliance at the remote site is an integral part in any disaster recovery plan.

Similar to high availability, off-site data protection or DR is a requirement for companies in industries which have to deal with regulatory compliance. Getting a data set safely to an off-site location is part of the data protection process, a process which for many companies must also be completed before business can resume. This adds the replication window to the list of ‘critical path’ operations and makes bandwidth efficiency a key requirement.

Tributary’s storage appliances provide enhanced site-to-site replication for the flexibility to better support off-site data migration. With many-to-one and one-to-many replication, it supports branch office data consolidation to a central data center, as well as other strategies. While the prior version of the product could move data off-site, it had to copy the entire backup job. This required a much larger WAN connection, which was under-utilized most of the time. With WAN optimized ‘backup vaulting’, the block-level replication process enhances movement of virtual backups or virtual tapes, from site to site, while maintaining full utilization of available bandwidth. This network efficiency helps to contain costs and to reduce the overall timeframe of the replication process, which can be critical for remote offices that have reduced bandwidth connectivity.