Tributary’s ViTAL, ANDROMEDA, Storage Director and ANTARES truly deliver on the promises of tape virtualization. Tributary solutions can meet and exceed many tape backup requirements for speed, capacity, compatibility, reliability, security and more.

ViTAL, ANDROMEDA, Storage Director and ANTARES implement a wide variety of data protection schemes and tape library consolidation, thus eliminating the need to dedicate devices for specific backup purposes. By supporting single or multiple same platform or multi-platform heterogeneous environments Tributary's virtualization products meet the needs of large data center customers as well as small entry level customers.

Multi-Platform Heterogeneous Environments

Tributary’s virtualization products emulate several standard front-end interfaces in which existing backup servers and applications can connect and control. Because Tributary’s products adhere to using standard interfaces, backup servers can reside on nearly any platform and operating system in the market today. This includes IBM iSeries (AS400), IBM Power Systems, HP NonStop, blade systems, and of course, x86 Intel or AMD based systems all running backup applications on Microsoft Windows, Linux, UNIX and more.

Outstanding Core Features:

  • Provides fully automated backup and restore operations

  • Integrated monitoring capabilities for industry leading reports, analysis, and capacity planning

  • Data-at-rest compression and/or encryption on both disk cache and physical tape media

  • Transparent remote backup and restore features to satisfy off-site archival requirements

  • Enables alternate site disaster recovery schemes

  • User defined policies allow flexible tape and data migration strategies

  • Specifically designed for heterogeneous multi-platform environments

  • Customized configurations for higher availability and specific customer needs

  • Supports tape library distribution and consolidation