OpenVMS (Open Virtual Memory System), previously known as VAX-11/VMS, VAX/VMS or VMS, is an operating system that runs on VAX, Alpha, and Itanium-based computers. OpenVMS is a multi user system designed for use in many different industries ranging from world-wide semiconductor manufacturers to large health care providers to fire and police departments. Many OpenVMS customers are moving to virtual storage and choose Storage Director as their solution.

Outstanding Core Features support OpenVMS:

  • Provides fully automated backup and restore operations
  • Data-at-rest compression/encryption on both disk cache and physical tape media
  • Transparent remote backup and restore features to satisfy off-site archival requirements
  • Enables alternate site disaster recovery schemes
  • User defined policies allow flexible tape and data migration strategies
  • Customized configurations for higher availability and specific customer needs
  • Supports tape library distribution and consolidation