AIX is a Unix implementation, built to deliver the highest performance and reliability, and developed by IBM for several of their products. For that reason alone, it makes sense to pair AIX with an equally reliable storage system like Tributary Systems Storage Director.  As an IBM Partner, Tributary Systems has the inside track to meet the specific needs of AIX users using any AIX version, such as AIX 7 or AIX Enterprise. As with AIX, Storage Director delivers scalability, reliability, and manageability.

AIX Manageability

Tributary's Storage Director gives you a single, central point from which you can control all of your tape libraries and drives. Tributary's Storage Director acts as a central point from which those same resources can be allocated to multiple servers. This gives administrators one place to focus their time and effort. By simplifying things in this way, Tributary's Storage Director frees administrators to focus on other operational tasks delivering greater productivity to the organization. In some cases, the degree to which Tributary's Storage Director is able to simplify the storage management process may mean that a company needs fewer people spending their precious time on these tasks altogether.

Delivering Cost Efficient Growth

Tributary's Storage Director streamlines, optimizes and simplifies backups. It does this by offering a high-speed, centralized, virtual and physical device consolidation point that is nearly infinitely scalable. This design ensures that as your backup requirements grow you can add new storage to your environment in the most cost efficient manner ensuring that you always have more than you need. This keeps your costs tightly coupled with your needs and ensure that you never overspend.

Tributary's Storage Director delivers ROI from the moment it is installed by streamlining, optimizing and simplifying your backups in a fashion that delivers immediate time and cost savings.

How Can Tributary's Storage Director Help AIX customers?

  • Decreases backup window with high-performance InfiniCache
  • Provides dynamic drive allocation and sharing of physical drives among multiple AIX systems
  • Data on physical media is 100% verified, or data does not leave the cache state
  • Optimizes hardware utilization and reduces costs (Fewer drives needed)
  • Brings high performance to existing bandwidth between remote locations by decoupling real-time I/O
  • Simplifies secondary storage management through an SQL database with hundreds of points of information
  • Policy-based volume management allows for various types of policies to be applied to ranges of volumes (encryption, compression, virtual-only or real-backed virtual)
  • Provides automatic and transparent management of data from disk to tape or other secondary storage
  • Improves data availability and resilience