IBM i (System i, AS/400, Power Systems)

The IBM AS/400 or iSeries has been in the data center for a long time and there are over 750,000 systems in operation today. For almost as long as they have been implemented,  the challenge of integrating these systems into the broader enterprise backup process has existed. Backup technologies like deduplication, power managed storage, and electronic vaulting of backup data are continuing to advance. As such, many backup managers are asking about bringing AS/400 into the backup mainstream.

Tributary’s Storage Director makes this simple by appearing as a standard IBM tape library to the AS/400. No changes have to be made on the AS/400 itself. This is also critical from a compliance standpoint, since many AS/400s are used to run financial applications and maintain data authenticity.

In the AS/400 environment in particular, where the data protection resources are most often deployed in a 1:1 manner, Storage Director can translate into significant savings. In an environment of seven AS/400 servers, with Storage Director installed, seven low-end tape libraries could be eliminated.  This results in improved tape optimization, and System Administrator and Tape Backup Administrator efficiency.